Recently, the Beijing Winter Olympics train with the high-speed rail 5G UHD studio crafted by CRRC started operation at Qinghe station of Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway. IOC President Bach sent a congratulatory letter, highly praising the service support work of Beijing Winter Olympics.

Based on the CR MU train, the Winter Olympics train is a smart MU train customized according to the needs of Beijing Olympics. Featuring autonomous driving at the speed of 350km/h, the train comprises 8 carriages with a designed capacity of 564 persons, complemented with storage cabinets for ski equipment and complete accessibility facilities. The pattern of “Snow ushering in spring” is painted on the exterior of the train, with the undertone of ice-snow blue adorned by flying white ribbons, demonstrating the unique charm of the Winter Olympics incisively and vividly. The Olympics studio inside the train is a real eye catcher, which can accommodate 5G HD live broadcast of events at the train speed of 350km/h, bringing a novel audio-visual feast to the global audience.

The operation of the Winter Olympics train shortens the travel time from Qinghe station to Yanqing, Taizicheng and Chongli station respectively by 26 minutes, 50 minutes and 65 minutes, improving the service support capability of the Winter Olympics.

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