SCHBER Rail Group – Professional Rail Equipment Supplier

Founded in 1994, SCHBER Group, located in German, is a company specializing in the design, production, maintenance, sales and service of rail equipment including complete vehicles and parts for locomotive,wagons,passenger car,maintenance car and urban rail vehicles.

High Quality

All products are subject to strict quality inspection.


Rich experience in rail transit product support and technical services.

Our business

SCHBER Group provides a diverse range of rail engineering services and rail products around the world. now enjoys good commercial reputation in Europe, America, Asia,Australia, the Middle East and Africa SCHBER Group.

The SCHBER Group Products

Bogie : Adapter, Axlebox, Bolster & Side Frame, Brake Beam, Brake Disc, Brake Pins, Brake Shoe Brake Pad, Center Plate, Couplings, Friction Wedges, Processes, Railway Spring, Roller Bearing Adapters, Side-frame & Bolster, Wearing Parts.

Bearings : Bearing, Axle End Cap, Backing Ring, Bore Clip, Cap Screw, Cone Spacer, Locking Plate, Seal, Seal Wear Ring.

Wheelset : Axle, Wheel, Casting Wheels, Forging Wheels, Tired Wheel And Components.

Brake System : Air Control Valve, Automatic Empty Loaded Equipment, Brake Cylinder, Cocks and Hose Couplings, Derailment Brake Valve, Handle Brake System, PAB, Processes, Reservoir, Slack Adjuster.

Coupler Draft Gear System : Coupler, Coupler Knuckle, Coupler Parts, Coupler Yoke, Draft Gear, Draft Keys, Follower, Processes, Strikers.

Electric Components System : Communication and Signaling,Sensor System,Connector,Substation System,Traction Motor,Light System.



SCHBER Group not only always attaches great importance to its own responsibilities, but also always strives to provide better solutions for Rail transit customers around the world.

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