Railway locomotive bearing

Characteristics of railway locomotive bearings

Rolling stock axle bearings are subject to radial impact loads caused by rail joints, switches and sometimes wheel flats, well as to the static and dynamic radial loads of vehicle weight. They are also liable to receive axial loads generated by lateral,movement as trains run on curved rails or in a snaking motion. All of these loads together form complex combinations that act on axle bearings. Axle bearings must therefore be designed on the basis of not only dimensional requirements of the axle journal and bearing box geometry, but also these complex load conditions. Additionally, as axle bearings play a critical role.

In the safety of railroad operation, they are periodically disassembled for inspection. For this reason, simple and dependable
procedures for disassembly, inspection and re-assembly are important design factors as well. Utilizing its vast know-how and experience, NSK has designed, manufactured and supplied a wide variety of axle bearings. All types of radial roller bearings, including tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings,have been used in rolling stock axles based on the particular merits of each type.

To improve operating efficiency, bearings must offer longer inspection intervals, simplified maintenance procedures and
increased integration of bearing components and adjacent parts. To meet these needs, unitized bearings with advanced sealing devices have been introduced and are now widely used in modern rolling stock.

NSK supplies railway vehicles with a wide variety of bearings for wheel axles, drive units, and traction motors. NSK bearings offer high performance, high reliability, and long periods of maintenance-free service to support rail companies in providing quick, safe, and dependable transport.

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