Railway locomotive bogie

29 August 2023 – Alstom, global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, inaugurated its first bogie centre in Astana, Kazakhstan, to produce and maintain bogies for all types of railway vehicles throughout their entire lifecycle;

Alstom prioritises optimizing the total cost of ownership for customers through measures such as extended component lifetimes, efficient maintenance plans, and advanced condition-based maintenance features for maximum availability. Alstom bogies are highly reliable and designed to withstand different environmental and climatic conditions and 98% recyclable. The bogie centre combines original equipment manufacturer knowledge and technology with product innovations.

Alstom covers various service needs, bringing bogies and their components back to impeccable condition through repairs and overhauls, lifecycle and technical solutions management. The bogie centre is capable to overhaul bogie subcomponents which includes wheelset and dampers repair, 3D measuring, non-destructive inspection, wheelsets and motors testing, and other related activities supported by digital manufacturing process. Moreover, the facility is qualified to maintain non-Alstom railway components as well.

As part of its Flexx bogies offering, Alstom proposes the widest range of products, catering various rail transportation needs, from light rail to high-speed trains. Through continuous investment in research & development, Alstom’s bogies show high reliability, optimised total cost of ownership, and result in improved comfort for passengers. Alstom also offers Flexx Consult services, including the wheel-rail interface study to create the optimal interface between wheel and rail profiles, resulting in improved performance and reduced life cycle cost for both, wheel and rail.

With the widest components portfolio in the rail industry, Alstom offers the best solution available to original equipment manufacturers, operators and asset owners, for increasingly safe and environmentally-friendly travel. Its range of state-of-the-art and proven systems and products includes bogies, motors, dampers, brake friction, switchgear, traction and auxiliary converters, transformers, green traction solutions, interiors and train control & information systems.

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