Siemens Vectron Locomotive

Vectron Locomotive
Vectron is the latest class of locomotives offered by Siemens. Vectron is claimed to be the first product of its kind in the European locomotive market, with flexibility to adapt to different route requirements and modular features.

Name: Vectron locomotive
Developer and Manufacturer: Siemens
Variants: Vectron Electric (AC, DC and multivoltage system) and Vectron Diesel Electric (DE)
Speed: 160kmph to 200kmph

Vectron rolling stock dimensions and performance
The length, width and height of Vectron locomotive are 18.98m, 3.01m and 4.24m respectively. It has a Bo’Bo’ wheel arrangement and the wheel diameters are 1.25m (new) and 1.17m (worn). The maximum axle load of the Vectron is 22.5t. The starting tractive effort for the locomotive is 300kN.

“Vectron represents innovation and combination of proven technologies from Siemens’ previous locomotive platforms.”
In addition to highly-efficient regenerative braking, Vectron features low-energy shutdown and optimised system design to minimise energy consumption. The locomotive can be used for both cross border fast passenger and freight services. Vectron is an ERTMS compatible locomotive designed to be interoperable across European rail networks.

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