EMD Locomotive Parts

SCHBER is a professional supplier of EMD locomotive and diesel engine parts. We can supply the following models parts. Please contact us now to see what we currently have in stock.

EMD locomotive model Electro-Motive Diesel
SW1 EMD 6-567 or 6-567A
SW7 EMD 12-567A
SW8 EMD 8-567B
DH2 EMD 8-567B
SW9 EMD 12-567B
SW600 EMD 6-567C
SW900 EMD 8-567C
SW1000 EMD 8-645E
SW1001 EMD 8-645E
SW1200 EMD 12-567C
SW1500 EMD 12-645E
SW1504 EMD 12-645E
MP15DC EMD 12-645E
MP15AC EMD 12-645E
MP15T EMD 8-645E3
RS1325 EMD 12-567D1
GMD1 EMD 12-567C
E5 Dual EMD 567
E6 Dual EMD 567
E7 Dual 567A
E8 Dual 567B
E9 Dual 567C
FT EMD 16-567 EMD 16-567A
F2 EMD 16-567B
F3 EMD 16-567B
F7 EMD 16-567B
FP7 EMD 567B
F9 EMD 16-567C
FP9 EMD 567C
FL9 EMD 567C or EMD 567D1; plus 660 V DC (3rd rail)
GP7 EMD 16-567B
GP9 EMD 16-567C
GP15-1 EMD 12-645E
GP15AC EMD 12-645E
GP15T EMD 8-645E3
GP18 EMD 16-567D1
GP20 EMD 16-567D2
GP28 EMD 16-567D1
GP30 EMD 16-567D3
GP35 EMD 16-567D3A
GP38 EMD 16-645E
GP38AC EMD 16-645E
GP38-2 EMD 16-645E
GP38-2L EMD 16-645E
GP38-2W EMD 16-645E
GP39 EMD 12-645E3
GP39DC EMD 12-645E3
GP39X EMD 12-645E3
GP39-2 EMD 12-645E3
GP40 EMD 16-645E3
GP40P EMD 16-645E3
GP40P-2 EMD 16-645E3
GP40TC EMD 16-645E3
GP40X EMD 16-645F3B
GP40-2 EMD 16-645E3
GP49 EMD 12-645F3B
GP50 EMD 16-645F3B
GP59 EMD 12-710G3A
GP60 EMD 16-710G3A
GP60M EMD 16-710G3A
GP15D Caterpillar 3512 (EMD 12-170B15-T2)
GP20D Caterpillar 3516 (EMD 16-170B20-T2)
SD7 EMD 16-567B
SD9 EMD 16-567C
SD18 EMD 16-567D1
SD24 EMD 16-567D3
SD28 EMD 16-567D1
SD35 EMD 16-567D3A
SDP35 EMD 16-567D3A Steam generator
SD38 EMD 16-645E
SD38AC EMD 16-645E
SD38-2 EMD 16-645E
SDP38 EMD 16-645E
SD39 EMD 12-645E3
SDL39 EMD 12-645E3
SD40X EMD 16-645E3
SD40 EMD 16-645E3
SD40A EMD 16-645E3
SDP40 EMD 16-645E3 Steam generator
SD40T-2 EMD 16-645E3
SD40-2 EMD 16-645E3
SD40-2W EMD 16-645E3
SD40-2S EMD 16-645E3
SD45 EMD 20-645E3
SD45X EMD 20-645E3A
SDP45 EMD 20-645E3 Steam generator
SD45T-2 EMD 20-645E3
SD45-2 EMD 20-645E3
SD50 EMD 16-645F3B
SD50S EMD 16-645F3B
SD60 EMD 16-710G3A
SD60I EMD 16-710G3A
SD60M EMD 16-710G3A
SD60MAC EMD 16-710G3A
SD70 EMD 16-710G3B
SD70I EMD 16-710G3B
SD70ACe EMD 16-710G3C-T2
SD70ACS EMD 16-710G3A
SD70M EMD 16-710G3B
SD70M-2 EMD 16-710G3B/C
SD70MAC EMD 16-710G3B/C
SD75M EMD 16-710G3C
SD75I EMD 16-710G3C
SD80MAC EMD 20-710G3B
SD89MAC EMD 12-265H
SD90MAC EMD 16-265H/EMD 16-710G3B
SD70ACe-T4 EMD 12-1010J


EMD Railway Locomotive and Diesel Engine Parts

Locomotive Components Engines and Components
Axles Complete Engines
Traction Motors Cases and Pans
Couplers and Draft Gears Crankshafts
Air Brake Components Power Assemblies
Electrical Cabinet Components Turbochargers
Main Generators Roots Blowers
Main Alternators Aftercooler Duct Assemblies
Air Compressors Governors
Dynamic Brake Hatches Lube Oil Pumps
Cooling Fans Water Pumps
Horns and Bells Camshafts

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