GE LOCOMOTIVE C30ACi PARTS – South African Class 43-000

SCHBER supplies GE C30ACi LOCOMOTIVE PARTS to national railway companies in South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Cameroon, Nigeria, etc. Fast delivery and high quality are our advantages.

Auxiliary filter 41ª216508P4 Motor: C30ACi
Fuel Filters 132X1903 Motor: C30ACi
Oil filter 3X10688 Motor: C30ACi
HVAC Air Filter 41A314692AVP3/VP4 C30ACi
Valve Filter/Compr 84A207699P2 Compressor: C30ACi
Input Filter/Comp 3X11923 Compressor:C30ACi
Oil Filter/Compres 2X2784 Compressor:C30ACi
Coalescer filter unit element 128X1731 Motor:C30ACi
Dryer/Air pre-filter 4X0835 Motor:C30ACi
Oil filter gasket 41A211048P7 Motor:C30ACi
Oring-Viton 115X2744 Motor:C30ACi
Element, seal and gasket kit 2X9904/GE569146 Motor: C30ACi
Element and joint sealent 3×4659 Motor:C30ACi
Ventilation valve 84A207699P1 Motor:C30ACi
Maintenance kit 4×0987 C30ACi
EBR panel o-ring 4×0987/2×9411/2×9267 Reservat, principal-C30ACi
Stumps 909117 C30ACi
Baldwin Filter – Fuel PF-1R0756 Motor: CKD-8F
Engine oil filter 51.05504-0104 DMU
Fuel separator filter 51.12503-0052 DMU
Fuel filter 51.12503-0071 DMU
Hydraulic filter TZX2-160X10Q DMU
Compressor Air Filter 309050011 DMU
Compressor oil filter SAMPIYON CS1401 DMU
Primary filter Donaldson P621983 DMU
Secondary air filter Donalson P621984 DMU
Main duct hose C30Aci, CKd8f
Equalization Hose Set C30Aci, CKd8f
Headlights C30Aci, CKd8f, U20C
Injection pump C30Aci
Side Table Bumper C30Aci
Center table damper C30Aci
Rearviews C30Aci
Resistances C30Aci
Reservoir discharge valves C30Aci
SA9 valve CKd8f

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