Charger Locomotive

The Siemens Charger is a four-axle diesel-electric locomotive with a full-width cab at one end. The North American locomotive shares design elements with the European Vectron from Siemens as well as their American Cities Sprinter.

The Charger uses a monocoque car body structure and meets the American 800,000lb buff strength requirement. Other safety features include full-width anti climbers and push-back couplers. A 16-cylinder Cummins QSK95 engine generates power to four AC traction motors via IGBT inverters. Head-end power is provided by a static inverter.
The Charger is highly customizable with operators able to specify varying power outputs (from 4000hp to 4400hp), fuel tank sizes, and other mechanical options, such as strengthened plows and winterization, depending on the operating environment and conditions of the locomotives. Externally, The Charger can be specified with a blunt nose or with a customizable bolted-on streamlined nosecone. For locomotives with a blunt nose, space is provided between the ditch light clusters for a destination sign. An aerodynamic fairing can also be specified at the rear of the locomotive to match the height of bilevel passenger cars. With this option, the roof of the locomotive slopes upwards just behind the rear bogie. CalTrans has so far been the only operator to specify this option.

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Length: 71.5′ (21793mm)
Width: 10′ (2984mm)
Height: 12.5′ (3810mm)
Weight: 264,556 lbs (120,001 kg)
Cummins QSK95 Tier 4, 4,000 hp, 4,200 hp, or 4,000 hp @ 1,800 rpm
600 up to 1,000 kVA

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