O’ Z-Y type electric locomotive (Uzbekistan)

O’Z-Y type electric locomotive (Uzbekistan)

• Techn i cal Data
Type: O’Z-Y
Use: Passenger locomotive
Axle arrangement: CO~CO
Current system: Single phase AC 25kV, 50Hz
Track gauge: 1520mm
Serving weight: 126t
Maximum operation speed: 160km/h
Traction power: 6000kW
Braking power: 6000kW
Starting traction force: 420kN
Electric braking mode: Regenerative braking
Maximum electric braking force: 220kN

• Features
O’ Z~Y type electric locomotive is 6-axle AC drive electric passenger locomotive with speed of 160km/h that first exported to Uzbekistan. The successful exportation paved the way for capture international market of 6-axle rapid electric passenger locomotive. The car body is equipped with monocoque structure with 2 cabs; the machinery room has horizontal main transformer, independent venting system, middle corridor and all equipments are arranged in oblique synnetry. The locomotive adopts micro computer network control system, 4-quadrant rectifier and inverter made by IGBT module (6. 5kV/600A), integrated main converter and auxiliary converter and axle-control technique. The traction motor uses elastic frame suspension.

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