Japan’s NSK develops and supplies a wide range of railway bearings for wheel sets, drives and traction motors. These bearings feature high performance, high reliability and long-term maintenance-free service to support railway companies in their mission to provide fast, safe and reliable transportation.

NSK supplies oil-bath lubricated bearings and grease-sealed bearings for Shinkansen trains.

NSK’s proprietary high-reliability tapered roller bearings have a long track record. Since the drive unit is subject to severe vibrations, these bearings undergo a soft nitriding treatment to increase cage strength and adopt specifications that enhance the seizure resistance of the rib surface.

NSK is also highly sensitive to industry needs. The train is getting faster and faster. To maintain reliability at high speeds, we offer ribbed cylindrical roller bearings designed specifically for drives using double helical gears. In addition, NSK has developed a special cage with excellent grease replenishment capabilities to meet the requirements for longer maintenance-free time. Damage from galvanic corrosion is another big maintenance issue, but NSK also offers solutions in the form of ceramic and resin-insulated bearings.

NSK carefully measured the motion of the rollers in the cylindrical roller bearings used in actual Shinkansen trains and the load distribution on the rolling elements when the axle box deforms. With these advanced measurements and resulting feedback, sophisticated analysis and design techniques are created.

NSK’s technology development in the railway field is not limited to bearings. With safety and value as our top priorities, we constantly challenge ourselves to build and utilize different technologies to implement bearing condition monitoring systems. By developing and bringing vibration control actuators to the market, we enable a smoother ride by reducing the sway of rail vehicles during operation.

Schber is the largest authorized supplier of NSK railway bearings
Schber maintains large inventory of NSK railway track bearings

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