Light rail vehicles call for space-saving, energy-efficient solutions.

Reduce mass, energy consumption, maintenance and operating costs

Mass transit railways are becoming an important alternative to cars in the crowded streets of cities and suburban areas. As the number of passengers using trams, metros and commuter trains increases, the need for solutions that suit their needs becomes increasingly important.

With an ageing population on the rise, low-floor vehicle designs are a convenient option. These types of vehicles call for energy-efficient solutions, achieved through the use of lightweight components. The low-floor design can also be with axlebridge designs.

To help designers and operators reduce mass, energy consumption, maintenance and operating costs, we provide a range of metro and light rail solutions. This includes world-class tapered and cylindrical roller bearing units, axleboxes, axlebridges, remanufacturing services and more. On top of this, we offer several remote condition monitoring solutions, designed to help detect and localize issues before they develop into failures. In turn, you can enjoy reduced life cycle costs and total cost of ownership – while keeping to timetables.

SCHBER Rail Group – China Railway

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