Recently, the first 20 CRRC locomotives exported to Thailand arrived at Laem Chabang Port of Thailand, presenting a new year gift from China to State Railway of Thailand.

The locomotives are the latest products building on the SDA3 combustion locomotives that CRRC exported to Thailand in 2015. Adaptive design is adopted according to the needs of the user and based on modulation, standardization, serialization, and information technology, while fully considering the economy, environment friendliness, maintainability and usability of the locomotives, which feature medium power and low axle load, track gauge of 1000mm, loading power of 2380kW, axle load of 16t, maximum operation speed of 120km/h, and minimum curve radius of 130m. The structure of inner corridor and dual cab with double heading function is adopted.

It is learned that the locomotives delivered are part of the 50 AC drive diesel locomotives under the agreement signed by CRRC and State Railway of Thailand in 2020. The project is the largest locomotive order in the history of railway in Thailand.

Reprint CRCC Rail – SCHBER Rail Group

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