CRCC SS9 electric Rail locomotive

CRCC SS9 electric Rail locomotive

Shaoshan 9 six-axle main line high-power high-speed passenger carrying railway vehicles was based on the mature technology of Shaoshan series electric locomotives and was adopted lots of advanced techniques of international passenger car. It is the maximum power locomotive of China’s towing passenger train on main line and its continuous power is4800kW. It adopted wheelset six-links hollow axle elastic gear and traction motor bogie-mounted full suspension three-axle bogie, and was installed with full lamination engine base mechanism900kW pulsating flow traction motor. It was designed for shape optimization of vehicle aerodynamics and light weight. It was adopted side wall bearing full-steel welded structure carbody and light-weight design for each component. Locomotive cab was designed according to the principle of ergonomics. The decorations of whole train provided a comfortable environment and convenience for operation.

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Type:  SS9
Usage: Passenger carrying
Axle arrangement: C0-C0
Current system: Single phase AC/25kV/50Hz
Track gauge: 1435mm
Total weight: 126t
Maximum operation speed: 170km/h
Traction power: 4800kW
Braking power: 4000kW
Starting traction force: 286kN
Electric braking mode: Brake with feed resistor
Maximum electric braking force: 180kN

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