HXD1F Electric Locomotive

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HXD1F electric locomotive is a heavy-duty electric locomotive with world’s largest single-axle traction. This electric locomotive is an important type in B0-B0 AC drive electric locomotive domain with 27t/30t axle weight and improves China’s high-power AC drive electric locomotive series and fills the domestic gap in heavy electric locomotive technology. Besides, it helps to provide high power locomotive car for the freight trailer car. The body adopts integral high-strength bearing structure featuring high tensile and compressive load. The locomotive can withstand 3600kN compression load and 3000kN tensile load; the bogie uses nose suspension integral drive device with flexible coupling and primary suspension system of axle box 3-noderod that 3-dimensional stiffness is fully decoupled; it had achieve compatibility between the ECP system and computer control brake system for locomotive.

Type: HXD1F
Usage: Freight Locomotive for Mainline
Axle arrangement: 2(B0-B0)
Current system: AC 25kV
Track gauge: 1435mm
Total weight: 216t/240t
Maximum operation speed: 100km/h
Traction power: 9600kW
Braking power: 9600kW
Starting traction force: 820kN/910kN
Electric braking mode: Re-generative braking
Maximum electric braking force: 510kN

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