HXD1D AC Rapid Electric Passenger Locomotive

CRCC HXD1D AC Rapid Electric Passenger Locomotive

HXD1D electric locomotive is the first new product which could satisfy requirement of Chinese passenger railway. CRRC ZELC developed HXD1D electric locomotive independently in guide of national innovation policy. The successful operation of HXD1D electric locomotive indicated
the transmission of DC drive to AC drive in domain of passenger railway transportation equipment. This locomotive applied technology of high power IGBT water-cooled traction transformer, high power asynchronous traction motor, horizontal traction transformer,
micro-computer network control system, electric control braking system, monocoque structure carbody with lightweight design, fully suspended bogie, independent venting system, and locomotive car-born safe protection system. The locomotive has advanced technology, excellent
performance and can adapt to different environment. China has taken the leading place in the world in terms of comprehensive technology of locomotive which also fill the technical gap in the domain of AC passenger locomotive traction system.

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Type: HXD1D
Use: Electric passenger locomotive for railway
Axle arrangement: C0-C0
Current system: Single phase AC 25kV/50Hz
Track gauge: 1435mm
Serving weight: 126t
Maximum operation speed: 160km/h
Traction power: 7200kw
Braking power: 7200kw
Starting traction force: 420kN
Electric braking mode: Regenerative braking
Maximum electric braking force: 210kN

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