CRCC HXD1C Electric Rail Locomotive

HXD1C locomotive, with full independent intellectual property rights, is a high-power AC drive six-axle electric locomotive with power of 7200kW. The  90% of spare parts are made in China. The locomotive owns nine key technologies, such as locomotive assembly, car-body, bogie, traction transformer, traction converter, network control system, traction motor, driving device and brake system, as well as ten major supporting technology, like pantograph,  main vacuum circuit breaker, high voltage (voltage / current) transformer, cab console, auxiliary equipment / traction motor fan, air compressor, air conditioning, composite cooling tower, coupler buffer and car-born hygiene device. All the independent design is contribute to broke the monopoly of multinational company on the core technology of heavy-duty freight electric locomotive and ended the long-term situation where the core technology of domestic high-power AC drive electric locomotive is completely relied on foreign importation.

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Type: HXD1C
Usage: Freight Electric Locomotive used in mainline
Axle arrangement: C0-C0
Current system: Single-Phase AC 25kV/50Hz
Track gauge: 1435mm
Total weight: 138t(23t Axle load)

150t(25t Axle load)

Maximum operation speed: 120km/h
Traction power: 7200kW
Braking power: 7200kW
Starting traction force: 520kN(23t)or 570kN(25t)
Electric braking mode: Re-generative braking
Maximum electric braking force: 370kN(23t)or 400kN(25t)

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