CRCC ERP Electric Locomtive

CRCC ERP Electric Locomtive

Techn i caI Data
Type: ERP
Use: Passenger Electric Locomotive
Axle arrangement: Co~Co
Current system: Single phase AC 25kV
Track gauge: 1435mm
Servicing weight: 138t
Maximum operation speed: 120km/h
Traction power: 7200kW
Braking power: 7200kW
Starting traction force: 520kN (Semi-wear)
Electric braking mode: Re-generative braking
Maximum electric braking force: 370kN

• Features:
Ethiopia passenger e1ectric locomotive is passenger AC electric locomotive which is designed based on ERF electric locomotive. The main equipments including bogie are compatible with existing ERF electric locomotive. The axle load of
ex-works locomotive is 23t; the control mode of locomotive traction and electrical braking is same with 23t axle load mode of ERF electric locomotive; the locomotive is equipped with DC600V vehicle power supp1y system including two independent DC600V power supplies connected with passenger coach via train power supply socket at end of vehicle. Main transformer is installed with 2 sets of windings and reactors for train power supply.

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