Alstom Traxx locomotives

Alstom supplies new Traxx locomotives to PCC Intermodal for cross-border transport.

The locomotives will be used in cross border operations across Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

French-based rail and locomotive manufacturer Alstom delivered four new Traxx MS3 multisystem locomotives to the Polish intermodal operator, PCC Intermodal, before the end of June.

The contract includes the delivery of the four locomotives along with the certification and the training of PCC Intermodal staff along with the provision of full maintenance service.

According to Alstom’s Traxx locomotive portfolio, Traxx locomotives are used to operate freight or passenger trains at speeds up to 200km/h.

Alstom has noted that intermodal transport throughout Poland has been continuously developing, mentioning that this can be down to the manufacturers “consciously choosing modern logistics solutions”.

Adam Adamek, vice president of the PCC Intermodal management board, highlighted how this new equipment can open new opportunities for intermodal transport.

Adamek said: “To develop further and open new corridors for intermodal transport, in addition to investments in fully functional transhipment terminals, we need appropriate technical facilities: locomotives, reloading equipment, wagons, chassis, and trucks.

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