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Alstom Bogie – SCHBER is alstom bogie european suppliers.

Alstom Bogie Catalogue
Light Rail Vehicles Bogies Metro Bogies Regional Bogies Mainline Bogies Locomotive Bogies
Arpège B20 CL353 CL624 CL622
Corège B23 CL606 CL623 CL494
lpomos B25 CL506 CL511 CL587
lxège CL449 L140 CL334 CL593
lponam M160 CL465
CL300 X200

At the heart of train dynamics,the bogie is the key element in wheel-rail contact and braking/traction transmission.Alstom’s bogie covers the full range of train applications from tramways up to very high-speed trains.Thanks to our extensive catalogue of modular solutions,each customer can select the appropriate bogie to meet his specific needs,such as track gauge, axle load,maximum operating speed or climatic conditions. Each year,3,000 bogies are manufactured and increase Alstom’s proven bogie fleet in successful operation  worldwide.

To reduce the total cost of ownership for operators,Alstom provides track-friendly and maintainable bogies. Moreover,particular attention is paid to designing light equipment (for instance, Alstom tramway bogies are the lightest on the market)which is a key lever to reduce track wear and energy consumption.

Our innovative solutions contribute to have even more comfortable trains:easy access,full low-floor vehicles, vibration filtering,low noise level…Alstom bogies contribute to a pleasant travel experience for passengers.On the high-speed market,thanks to Alstom’s tilting bogies,trains can travel more rapidly through curves on conventional lines(35%faster than aclassic train)and up to 250 km/h on high-speed lines,while guaranteeing excellent stability and level of passenger comfort inside the train.

Our bogie engineering centres at Le Creusot (France)and in Salzgitter (Germany)master all sub-systems development -including the gearbox – and design state-of-the art products.  The latest illustration of this excellence in design is lponam:this bogie equips Citadis Spirit,the only US compliant light rail vehicle with a fully low-floor and the capacity to travel at speeds of over 100 km/h. In addition,our complete bogie test bench,unique in Europe,ensures we are providing our customers with solutions which are not only innovative but also safe,reliable and long-lasting.

Alstom supports its customer projects via a network of manufacturing locations across the globe,while retaining a single design authority. Alstom accompanies its customers by offering a range of customised services for their trains and sub-systems – whether they are built by Alstom or not -throughout the entire lifecycle.Thanks to our catalogue of bogie spare parts and full range of maintenance and overhaul expertise,we help our customers to stay focused on their core business while minimising the lifecycle costs of their equipment.

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