22E dual-voltage narrow track gauge electric loccmotive

22E dual-voltage narrow track gauge electric loccmotive

• Techn i caI Data
Type: SA22E
Use: Electric freight locomotive for railway
Axle arrangement: Co~Co
Current system: Single phase AC 25kV/50Hz and DC 3000V
Track gauge: 1065mm
Total serving weight:132t
Maximum operation speed:lOOkm/h
Traction power: 4500kW
Braking power: 4500KW
Starting traction force: 480kN
Electric braking mode: re-generative braking and resistance braking
Maximum electric braking force: 300kN

• Features:
South Africa 22E electric locomotive firstly adopts technique of 6 axle arrangement and dual-voltage in China. 22E electric locomotive which absorbs advantages of 20E and 21E locomotive successfully took a major place in international multi-current system locomotive domain. With traction power of 4500kW and starting traction force of 480kN, the maximum operation speed could reach lOOkm/h. The carbody is made of monocoque structure welding by steel plate and profi1ing steel plate. The vehicle adopts independent venting system and the traction fan is equipped with “One fan with three motorsn . In addition, the locomotive is equipped with braking system which comply with AAR standard and WDP (wire decentralized power) system. 3 axle narrow track gauge bogie is used in locomotive. The traction equipment has traction bar system in two sides and the tract ion motor has rolling holding shaft suspension system.

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