21E duaI-voItage narrow-gauge electric Iocomotive

21E duaI-voItage narrow-gauge electric Iocomotive

•Techn i caI Data
Type: SA2IE
Application: Freight service on main line
Axle arrangement: Bo~Bo
Catenary voltage & frequency: Single-phase AC25kV/50Hz or DC3000V
Track gauge: 1065mm
Whole weight: 102t
Max. operating speed: lOOkm/h
Traction power: 3000kW
Brake power: 3000kW
Starting effort; 380kN
Electric brake mode: Regenerative brake and resistance brake
Max. electric brake effort: 200kN

The freight locomotive (hereinafter referred to as SA 21E) is the first dual-voltage electric locomotive with heavy axle loadin China, which has been further optimized upon SA 20E. The locomotives axle load is 26 tons; starting effort is 380kN; Maximum operating speed is lOOkm/h.Its carbody is of an integral monocoque construction and is welded by steel plates and profiled elements. It can withstand more than 4MN compressive load and tensile load. It is equipped with air brake system and WDP system (control system of hard wire distributed power), which are al1 in compliance with AAR Standard. Two-axle narrow-gauge bogies are adpoted. Traction device adpots low-positioned dual draw bar structure; traction motor is suspended in an axle-hung manner.

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