rail open wagon

China Railway Open Freight Wagon

SCHBER Rail supplies you with all of the following rail open wagons and parts.

Miscellaneous Open Wagon
C1,C6,C50,C60,C13,C65,C16,C16A,C16B,(low side),C100Q(N)

60t Open Wagon
CF(No door, dumper unloading)
C61(No middle door, coal transportation)
C61Y(Poland, 2TN bogies, coal transportation)
C62(The car body is made of wood C62M)
C62A(After changing to 8G or 8AG bogie, it is C62AT;After converting to K2 bogie, it is C62AK;Using weathering steel as C62A(N).)
C62B(C62BT after changing to 8G or 8AG bogie;After changing to K2 bogie, it is C62BK)
C63(Daqin coal transportation))
C63A(Daqin coal truck)
C64(After changing to 8G or to 8AG bogie, it is C64T.)
C64A(coke transportation))
C64K(Including the Shenhua coal car without a middle door)

70t Open Wagon
C70,C70H,C70A(coal transportation)
C70B(Stainless steel universal open wagon)

25t Axle Load Coal Open Wagon

Other Open Wagon
C100(Three fulcrum open wagon with a load of 100t)
C5D Five-axle open wagon
IC6G Kmine engineering open wagon

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