rail tank wagon

China Rail Tank Car

SCHBER Rail can supply you with a full range of rail tank car and parts.

60t class and below.
G3,G50,G16、G19,G11(acid-base tank car)
G17A,G18,G10(Concentrated sulfuric acid tank car)
GLBK,GL60K(asphalt tank car)
GF1,GF1K(Alumina powder tank car)
GY95AK,GY95SK,GY80K,GY80SK,GY60K,GY70,GY70S,GY100A,GY100S(liquefied gas tank car)
GS(edible oil tank car)
G11B(base tank car)
GH64(concentrated nitric acid tank car)
G70A,G70B,GF1S(lime tank car)
GF1M(coal ash tank car)
GY48(low temperature tank car)
GF2,GF3K(Alumina powder tank car)
GHK(yellow phosphorus tank car)
G75K,G70D,G70AK,G17SK(Naphtha tank car)

70t class
GQ70, GN70, GF70 (alumina powder)
GH70 (ethanol)

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