Wuxi Rail Transportation Metro Line 1

Wuxi Rail Transportation Metro Line 1

· Features
The metros supplied for Wuxi line 1 is B type aluminum alloy metro with design speed of 80km/h. The carbody is drum-shape thus can take 9 more people than ‘V’-Shape metro. The widest part of carbody is 2892mm and the maximum passenger capacity is 1846 people in 6 cars formation. Based on the advanced design and manufacture platform, Wuxi Metro Line 1 adopts advanced traction system developed in China as well as bogie and air-condition. More than 90% parts of whole metro was manufactured in China.

· Technical Data

Current collection mode: DC 1500V third rail
Train configuration: -Tc+M+M=M+M+Tc-
Width: 2892mm
Length: 118788mm
Floor height: 1100mm
Wheelbase: 2300mm
Axle load: 14t
Passenger capacity: 1846 people

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