Vehicles for Shanghai Pearl Line Phase 2

Vehicles for Shanghai Pearl Line Phase 2

· Features
Shanghai Pearl line, Phase II totalling 28 trains which is formed from 168 cars, is the first order that CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd ( CRRC ZELC ) got in 2002. The metros were powered by catenary of DC1500V. The train is 6-car formation with configuration of two motor cars and one trailer car. Carbody was adopted large extruding hollow aluminum profile and had the structure of modularization and light-weighted design. Its integral bearing structure does not have center beam on underframe. Its bogie without bolster adopted low alloy steel plate welding bogie-frame and secondary suspension device. The decorations in the trains mainly used purple and hence it was named “violet”by citizens of Shanghai.

· Technical Data

Current collection mode: DC 1500V overhead catenary
Train configuration: -A+B+C=C+B+A-
Width: 3000mm
Length: 140000mm
Floor height: 1130mm
Wheelbase: 2500mm
Axle load: 16t
Passenger capacity: 2460people

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