Ningbo Rail Transportation Line 2 Phase 1

Ningbo Rail Transportation Line 2 Phase 1

· Features
The vehicles supplied for Ningbo Line 2 Phase 1 project are B type metros. The carbody adopts all welded drum-shape aluminum. The metro uses 6 cars formation (4 Motor car+2 Trailer car). The maximum operation speed is 80km/h and the design speed is 90km/h. The current collection adopts DC1500V overhead catenary. Based on the platform of B type metro, optimization design has been conducted. The equipments are suspended on side beam and aluminum honeycomb floor is adopted. The train control network software is developed independently and the whole vehicle uses modular design.

· Technical Data

Current collection mode: DC 1500V overhead catenary
Train configuration: -TC+MP+M=M+MP+TC-
Width: 2800mm
Length: 118788mm
Floor height: 1100mm
Wheelbase: 2300mm
Axle load: 14t
Passenger capacity: 2062 people

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