Light Rail Vehicle exported to Izmir Turkey

Light Rail Vehicle exported to Izmir Turkey

· Features
The LRV exported to Izmir, Turkey is the first project of exporting the train-set to Europe in China rail transportation equipment domain. The maximum operating speed is 80km/h with passenger capacity of 1000 people. The train adopts aluminum alloy articulated car-body
with 30m of turning radius. In addition, articulated bogie, efficient dual “magnetic rail+wheel disk” braking system, energy-absorbing anti-collision design of car-body is contributed to improve the safety of train operated in complicate conditions.

· Technical Data

Current collection mode: DC750 Third Rail
Train configuration: -MD-M-M-MD-
Width: 2650mm
Length: 94400 mm
Height from floor to TOR: 880mm
Axle distance: 1800mm
Axle load: 10t
Passenger capacity: 1000 people

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