EMU exported to Malaysia (Star of Malaysia)

EMU exported to Malaysia (Star of Malaysia)

· Features
The EMU exported to Malaysia is the first order of high-end EMU train innovated independently by China. This is also a big contract with largest number of EMUs at that time. The EMUs run for north-south line in Malaysia adopt advanced technique which integrates the design of low-carbon, energy-saving, electrical drive, network control and light weight to decrease noise.

· Technical Data

Catenary voltage & Frequency: AC 25kV50Hz
Track gauge: 1m
Configuration: 4 motor car & 2 trailer car
Max axle load: 14t
Length: 138600mm
Width: 2750mm
Height: 3905mm
Height from floor to TOR: 1100mm
Fixed wheel base of bogie: 2300mm
Height from central line of coupler to TOR: 850mm
Wheel diameter (new): 850mm
Maximum operation speed: 120km/h
Maximum trial speed: 140km/h
Starting acceleration: 0.83m/s²
Max. service braking deceleration: 1.0m/s2
Maximum emergency braking deceleration: 1.2 m/s2
Passenger capacity (AW1 /AW2): 1260 people

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