DJF1 type EMU train set (Central Star)

CRCC DJF1 type EMU train set (Central Star)

· Features
DJF1 EMU is the first power-decentralized type made by CRRC ZELC.main power equipments distributed on the underframe of carbody; the trainset has high ratio of motor car/trailer car and good adhesion performance to avoid blank run; train-set features good power performance and high power reservation; stable controlling system is good for stable operation and help to reduce the shock between cars; a fault of one motor car has little impact on the operation of whole train thanks to high redundancy of traction equipment; small-sized mechanical transmission device and light under-spring weight of axle load to reduce impact on track and noise; trainset formation is flexible and can be adjusted according to passenger flow. At the same time, the general power performance of trainset remains changed.

· Technical Data

Type: DJ
Usage: Passenger carrying
Axle arrangement: B0-B0


Current system: 25kV/50Hz
Track gauge: 1435mm
Maximum axle load: 17t
Maximum operation speed: 160km/h
Traction power: 6400kW
Braking power: 7200kW
Starting traction force: 430kN
Electric braking mode: Re-generative braking
Maximum electric braking force: 392.8kN

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