CRCC Vehicles For Kunming Metro Line 1

CRCC Vehicles For Kunming Metro Line 1

· Features
The metro is designed completely based on the local geographical environment, climate and other conditions of Kunming. The train speed is 100 km/h with maximum capacity of 1870 people, the whole vehicle used Aluminum Alloy body welding technology of high strength, high strength of an anti extrusion head body 2.5 Taiwan on road trucks loaded with static pressure; the front part of the buffer, crushing, anticreeper, deformation of the region a total of 4 sequential absorption safety design of energy, called China’s safety of metro vehicle five star.

· Technical Data

Current collection mode: DC750V third rail
Train configuration: -Tc+M+M-M+M+Tc-
Length: 118711mm
Width: 2800mm
Floor height: 1100mm
Wheelbase: 2300mm
Axle load: 14t
Passenger capacity: 1870 people

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