CRCC Vehicle for Wuhan metro line 2

The vehicle for Wuhan metro line 2 is China’s first subway line which runs across the Yangtze River. The vehicles use high strength lightweight aluminum alloy material, both ends of the train has energy absorption zone; the train set is formed by 6 cars including 4 motor cars and 2 trailer cars. The train set uses third rail current collection mode and the maximum speed is 80km/h with maximum capacity of 2030 people. The vehicle uses DC750V power supply under full power electric braking for first time in China. It aims to ensure there is no need of applying air friction braking in long slope; the network transmission adopts dual redundant bus control technology which can greatly improve the reliability of control system and the agility. Thus the metro can operate smoothly on both upper and lower slope and flat road.

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Current collection mode: DC750V third rail current collection
Train configuration: -Tc+M1+M2=M2+M1+Tc-
Length: 117960 mm
Width: 2800mm
Floor height: 1100mm
wheelbase: 2300mm
Axle load: 14t
Passenger capacity: 2030 passengers

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