Malaysia ETS Intercity EMU

CRCC Malaysia ETS Intercity EMU

· Features
The EMU will runs on Malaysia north-south intercity railway (meter gauge) of 900km with the world highest speed. Moreover, the ETS project is the first localization vehicle contract executed by CRRC Rolling Stock Center (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. =As Malaysian intercity railway is long, distance between stations is far, and train speed is high, ETS designers make lots improvement on safety, environmental protection and humanization for the vehicles. Thus this is a higher ride comfort and quality intercity EMU.

· Technical Data

Power supply mode: AC 25kV50Hz
Track gauge: 1m
Train configuration: 4 motor cars & 2 trailer car
Maximum axle load: About 14t
Length: 139600mm
Maximum width: 2750mm
Height: 3905mm
Height from floor to TOR: 1100mm
Fixed wheel base of bogie: 2300mm
Height from central line of coupler to TOR: 850mm
Wheel diameter (new): 850mm
Maximum operation speed: 140km/h
Maximum trial speed: 160km/h
Starting acceleration: 0.70m/s2
Max. service braking deceleration: 1.0 m/s2
Maximum emergency braking deceleration: 1.2 m/s2
Passenger capacity (AW1 /AW2): 312/508 people

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