CRCC Macedonia EMU Trainset

· Features
Macedonia EMU trainset is China’s breakthrough in Europe.Conforming to TSI requirements and for the first time in China, it adopts low-floor design and articulated bogies,and employs 3-level crashworthiness design on exported EMU trainset according to European standard.

· Technical Data

Power type: AC 25kV50Hz
Train configuration: 2 motor cars & 1 trailer car
Length: 60020mm
Maximum width: 2860mm
Height: 4335mm
Height from floor to TOR: 600/1200mm
Wheel diameter (New): 850mm
Fixed wheel base of bogie: 2300/2700mm
Maximum operating speed: 140km/h
Height of coupler centerline above TOR: 1025mm
Maximum test speed: 160km/h
Starting acceleration: 0.85m/s²
Maximum passenger capacity: 300 persons
Maximum service brake deceleration: 1.0 m/s²

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