CRH2A High Speed EMU


The CRH2A EMU is one of China Railways’ advanced high speed trains and one of the most popular high speed EMUs in China, with over 200 sets now in service and more planned. It was originally developed from the Shinkansen E2-1000 Series but the newer versions of the CRH2 are not related to the E2-1000 Series, despite having the same exterior styling.

Every new batch of the CRH2A features small modifications, but the one modelled in this simulation is based on the first version.

The CRH2A features operating passenger information displays with welcome information in both Chinese and English below 30 km/h and the current speed when travelling faster.

This add-on features unique in-train audio announcements whereby the broadcasting system announces departure and next station arrival information in the supplied scenarios. The system can also be used in other scenarios.

There is a fully operational ATP (Automatic Train Protection) system and for the first time in Train Simulator the ATP system is modelled to bring you ‘Target & Distance’ braking. This gives you a continuous braking curve so you can drive more smoothly from station to station. The CRH2A also comes with Constant Speed Control which will help free you from the regulator lever and allow you simply to monitor the train systems.

These trains are used in both 8-car and 16-car sets in service with China Railways.

The CRH2A uses state-of-the-art flat-screen glass panels to display train information as well as the route speed and signal data from suitably equipped routes. It can be manually driven or driven with the help of the on-board computers, meaning that to drive the train from a standstill at your departure station to your destination requires little more effort from you than adjusting the cruise control to comply with speed limits.

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