AMGLRV exported to Malaysia

AMGLRV exported to Malaysia Rail

· Features
The AMG LRV is articulated aluminum alloy train fixed by 3 cars. The maximum operation speed is 80km/h and max. passenger capacity is 1,300. The LRV adopts integral welding aluminum
alloy technology on car body and is bogie-controlled and articulated type with free shaft. LRV firstly uses vehicle hydraulic axle disc braking system, separated gangway and integrated articulated gangway which can pass small curve of 40m, and electrical siding air-tight door.

· Technical Data

Current collection mode: DC 750V third rail bottom contact
Train configuration: -D+M+D-
Width: 2540mm
Length: 86400mm
Floor height: 1105mm
Wheelbase: 1800mm
Axle load: 10.7t
Passenger capacity: 1300 people

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