AMAP Metro Car Exported to Ankara Turkey

AMAP Metro Car Exported to Ankara Turkey Rail

· Features
The design speed is 80km/h, maximum passenger capacity is 1,008 people. The stainless carbody features anti-corrosion and has no need to paint. Thanks to LED lighting and light weight design of carbody, the metro has advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection and high strength. The width of carbody is 3.12m and the inner clear height is 2.2m. Spacious and comfortable compartment suits for tall west Asian and European.

· Technical Data

Current collection mode: DC750V third rail
Train configuration: -Mc+T+Mc-
Width: 3124mm
Length: 68637 mm
Floor height: 1105mm
Wheelbase: 2500mm
Axle load: 16.5t
Passenger capacity: 1,008 people

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