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SKF SE-BT2-8692 Railway Bearing Seal

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SKF SE-BT2-8692 Railway Bearing Seal
Seal Number : SE-BT2-8692
Brand : SKF
Structure Type : Railway tapered roller bearing seal assemblies
Parts category : Railway Bearing Seal
Application : The railway wheelset bearing seal assembly is mainly suitable for the not axle boxless bearings of railway vehicles.

SCHBER Rail sealing solutions are designed to meet the highest quality standards and address the requirements of a wide range of applications, including Wheel bearing applications for coaches, Locomotive, Wagon, and many more.
The Salient features of the wheel bearing sealing solutions are:
• High resistance to harsh environments.
• Meets highest quality standards – AAR standard (Association of American Railroads) & EN (European Standards) & CRCC(China Standards).
• Cost-effectiveness.
• Longer Durability.

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