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  • HC-436286-104 SKF CRH5 Axlebox housing body(left)

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    FAG F-563901.ANM150-T-A-Z4-M32AM

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SKF Bearing Axlebox

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SKF Axlebox designs

Axleboxes are the linking design element between the rotating wheelset and the quasi-static frame of the bogie or running gear of a railway vehicle. All forces acting between these components are transmitted via springs, dampers and guiding elements. Axleboxes and axlebox bearings/units have always been a vital component in the reliability of railway rolling stock and they have a considerable influence on the operating safety, reliability and economics of railways.

Axlebox solutions

Axlebox solutions for reliable railway operations in any conditions

SKF Axleboxes, wheelset bearings and units are vital components in the reliability of railway rolling stock, influencing the reliability and economics of railways. We have long-term experience in developing, designing, calculating and performing validation testing on axleboxes for all kinds of railways vehicles. This includes high-speed vehicles, locomotives, multiple units, coaches, mass transit vehicles and freight cars.

Packages typically include axleboxes, factory lubricated and sealed, ready-to-mount wheelset bearing units, as well as sensors and condition monitoring systems. From early design stages to delivery, we also offer customer support and project handling globally. Helping secure reliable operations in a wide range of conditions and reducing life cycle costs.

SKF axlebox benefits:

Comprehensive system solution supply integrated into the train bogie subsystem
Customized engineering and logistics solutions
After-sales service options
High engineering competencies


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