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Rail SY40AE Yoke

Categories: Published On: May 6, 2022
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AAR E Type Yoke

  • Short Nose
  • Grade E Steel



Coupler yokes are functioned as a pocket for the draft gear and to be used for maintaining the gear in proximity to the tail end of the coupler interposed by follower. Coupler yokes are connected with the rear end of coupler by yoke pin or draft key, so that forces applied to the coupler head are dampened by the draft gear. As result, yoke should be designed to be adapted to draft gear and coupler shank end. For standardization of railway industrial, at one hand, the yoke draft gear pocket should be compatible in length and the travel of draft gear. And at other hand, the sharp of the front end of the yoke should be suitable for the installing of the tail end of the coupler shank.

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