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    MT-15 & MT-151 Strikers

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Rail Strikers

Categories: Published On: May 6, 2022
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Strikers, as well as called Coupler Guiders are designed for the function of guider and loader of coupler shank. SCHBER supplied the strikers which have been made by casting steel, material as:

  • AAR M-201 Grade B
  • AAR M-201 Grade B+

For E type coupler application, normally strikers have been designed as a single casting product. However, for the E or E/F type coupler which is heavy duty application, coupler guider could be designed a resilient striker assembly which includes Striker Coupler Carrier and Resilient Spring. The designed structure will improve a lot the safety and save life of the strikers.

SCHBER supply following types of Strikers:

TR-GS0001 Striker is used with “E” type Couplers.


TR-GS0002 Striker is used with “F” or “E/F” Coupler.

Casting steel supporting pedestals is located in the striking casting,inside are springs,two sides are ravel-proof block,upside is wear liner. This structure can largely release and relief the impact of coupler to striking casting in the running of wagon,by this way,striking casting and coupler can both extend service life. This kind of striking casting is popularly and widely used on millions of wagons.

TR-GS0003 Striker is used with “F” or “E/F” Coupler.

TR-GS0004 Striker is used with SASKOP coupler as “SS”,”MS” and “HS” type.
Drg. No: CME68_13215-603

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