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Rail E Type Coupler

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Rail E Type Coupler
The Type E coupler, designed in 1932, does not interlock in the vertical direction. While closed Type E couplers will separate only in the most extreme circumstances. This lack of a vertical interlock led to development of Type E shelf couplers and Type F and H couplers. Using varying “locking” features (e.g., top and bottom shelves and machined inter lockings), these more intricate couplers in most cases will prevent disengagement during a derailment, reducing the chances of a train jackknifing, or cars puncturing each other.

Variation of Type E Coupler
All E couplers have a basic “E” coupler head design and coupler tail with the flat hole fixed with Yoke by Draft Key. Such as E60DE, the couple is standard E design for AAR. According to customer requirement, SCHBER could supply a lot of variation of E coupler, such as with Bottom Shelf, Top Shelf or Double Shelf. And also according to the application, the coupler shank length could be adapted.

Casting Material:
Material of type E coupler body, knuckle and locks are AAR M-201 Grade C steel or AAR M-201 Grade E Steel which are casted by alloy steel and heated treated as quenching and tempering. Letter “C” or “E” will be casted on the product body indicates the material Grade. There also have the case required more strong material as AAR M-201 Grade E+. Using Grade E+ for coupler body and coupler knuckle will improve the coupler material tensile strength.

All variation of type E coupler should be interchangeable, and have the No. 10-A contour at coupler mating lines. Coupler Contour should meet the requirement of AAR S-106 specification.

Coupler Operating:

  • Single Rotary Bottom Operating
  • Double Rotary Bottom Operation
  • Top Operating

<Unless specified on the order, E coupler will be fitted as Single Rotary Bottom Operating type.>

Connection Parts:

  • Yoke:
    Y40AE – AAR S-141
    Y41AE – AAR S-142
    SY40AE – AAR S-143
  • Follower:
    Y44A – AAR S-119
  • Yoke Key:
    DRAFT KEY – AAR S-121


Coupler complete1111 Parts
Body Knuckle Lock Thrower Knuckle pin Single locklift Double locklift Top locklift Type Shelf & shank type
E60DE Singe rotary E60DE E50AE/E50ARE E42AE E30A C10&C11 E24B E 21.5”shank
Double rotary E60DE E50AE/E50ARE E42AE E30A C10&C11 E25B E 21.5”shank
Optional top E60DE E50AE/E50ARE E42AE E30A C10&C11 E6A E 21.5”shank
E60EE Singe rotary E60EE E50AE E40AE E30A C12&C13 E24B E 21.5”shank

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