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PAB – Integrated bogie brake device

Categories: Published On: May 8, 2022
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Integrated bogie brake device is suitable for a variety of railway freight wagon. It can be easily installed/dismantled,has light weight and high transmission efficiency. Its parallelogram structure can reduce the moment borne by the brake beam during brake application. In addition,the brake cylinder and slack adjuster are integrated and piston stroke indicator is also set to easily observe the piston stroke.

SCHBER Integrated bogie brake device
Main technical specifications

  • MAX permitted block force: 23kN
  • Effective piston area: 506.7cm2
  • MAX piston stroke: 100mm
  • Lever ratio: 4-6
  • MAX permitted service pressure: 420kPa
  • Slack adjuster capacity: 370mm
  • Input pulling force hand brake: 15 kN
  • Working temperature:-40℃~+80℃
  • Weight :213kg

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