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HYATT Railway Bearing Stock

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HYATT Railway Bearing

Hyatt was incorporated in 1892 for the manufacture and sale of roller bearings for use in railroad applications. The first Hyatt Railway bearings were applied to cars of the Brooklyn City Railway in 1894. Since then, Hyatt has been in the fore f ront of bearing design and development for locomotives.

Made to the highest engineering and quality levels, they include such features as:
■ Rollers and races made from super clean alloy steel, heat treated for optimum hardness, insuring greater life and wear resitance.
■ Superior dimensional controls for proper mounting fit and operating clearance.
■ Optimum geometry, including roundness and profile.
■ Crowned rollers to reduce stress concentration.
■ Superior surface finish of rollers and pathways for long service life.
One piece cage made from special b ronze material for maximum strength and resistance to wear and fatigue.
■ Patented taper relief at the fillet end of all inner race bores (U.S. Patent #2,082,379) which eliminates any a b rupt change in the surface stress of the axle and removes the possibility of progressive axle fracture.

Journal Box Size 5 1/2 x 10 6 x 11 6 1/2x 12
Water Guar d 3-R-349-1 3-R-501-1 3-E-4534-9
Rear Cover 4-E-3752-1 4-E-3747-2 4-R-3998-1
Gasket 3-E-4522-9 3-E-4522-7 3-E-4522-10
Inner Race DIR-85504 DIR-86003 DIR-86875 OR DIR-86503
(14) Rollers K-85504 K-86003 K-86503
Cage F-85504 F-86003 F-86503
Center Ring E-85504 E-86003 E-86503
(14) Rollers K-85504 K-86003 K-86503
Cage F-85504 F-86003 F-86503
Outer Race DOR-85504 DOR-86003 DOR-86503
Retainment Ring 4-R-1654-1 4-R-1650-1 4-R-1708-1
(4) Shims 3-R-551-2 3-R-551-1 3-R-551-4
Thrust Block 4-R-1092-1 4-R-1244-1 4-R-4111-1
Resilient Thrust Unit 2-R-567-1 2-R-632-1 2-R-574-1
Comb. Front Cover
or Plain Front Cover
Driving Face Liner 2-E-3261-11 2-E-3261-12 2-E-3260-2
Strip Liner 2-R-370-3 2-R-370-1 2-R-370-1
Lug Liner 2-E-3270-24 2-E-3270-24 2-E-3270-1

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