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Coupler Locks

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Coupler parts assembled in the coupler body, working with Coupler Knuckle functioned for coupler to open and close when railcar coupling and de-coupling.
SCHBER supplied standard “E” type, “E/F” type and “F” type coupler parts, and also could make customerized coupler parts according to customer designed drawings. According to customer required specification, SCHBER provided the investment casting steel, casting iron and forged steel parts for the supplied parts.

AAR Type E, F, Rotary & Locomotive Coupler Locks

  • #E42BE: AAR Type E & E/F
  • #F41AE: AAR Type F
  • #F400AE: Rotary
  • #E40AE: Locomotive AAR Type E
  • #F45AE: Locomotive AAR Type F

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