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Axle Boxes – Freight Transport

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Axle boxes

SCHBER Rail produce axle boxes for freight wagons, passenger coaches, and locomotives with axle loads ranging from 18t up to 25t and for boogies type Y25/25 t for freight wagons. SCHBER Rail develop axle boxes for passenger wheels together with the final customer (OEM), where we are already involved in the development phase of the material used and as well in the geometry of the casings. Axle boxes for passenger trains are produced based on customer’s technical documentation and requirements.

SCHBER Rail developed its own axle box type Y25/25t, which can be used for both 22,5t and 25t axle load for freight wagons.

Freight wagons
Various material quality (GJL, GJV, GJS, GS)
20t, 22,5t and 25t axle loads for bogies, types Y25/25t
Certification STBP 1 and 2, HPQ, Welding certification EN15085

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